securemyinsecurities: I just reread what you showed me of your "Still With Kids" and I just got pumped up again for the full thing. This is me giving you some inspiration. Your words are powerful and so beautiful. I can't wait :D 


This makes me really happy!!! It’s probably halfway finished now. I just want to finish it before I publish it because I’m sort of writing it out of order don’t ask me why but it’s working for me right now.

Depending on school, I should have it done within a month so keep your eyes out!

Here’s a little snippet for those of you who are interested.

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I’ve gotten a few messages asking me about this story and when it’s gonna be posted but as of right now, I don’t know. I’ve kinda put it on hold because I broke my hand last week so typing when it’s for school or when it’s absolutely necessary is about all the typing I can manage for the moment. I have another month in this cast so after that we’ll see how it works. 

And for the record I am super disappointed I can’t write that much.


i hate when you want to watch that really great episode of your favorite show with your otp but then you remember “no, that was a fanfic” :(

Or it’s actually an episode but you can’t remember which one it is so you play guess-what-words-are-in-the-wikipedia-description.

    Castle:beckett no
    Ryan:beckett no
    Esposito:beckett no
    Gates:beckett no
    Montgomery's ghost:beckett no
    Johanna's grave:beckett no
    Beckett:BECKETT YES